Needles are nothing without yarn. Here’s a little guide for you artists out there!


These sizes are the most common. If you pick up a random ball of yarn it will probably be worsted weigh yarn. 

HOWEVER. Yarn can be much smaller or bigger.

This size yarn is lace weight


Tiny, tiny! It is used to make some beautiful scarfs, shawls, and even tablecloths.

On the other end of the scale yarn can get this big: 


Dude. That is thicker than rope!

Before yarn is knitted up into anything it is usually stored in balls or skeins or cakes.


These are cakes, usually only made through the use of a ball winder or nostepinne. (Which I don’t have D: )

Here are a few skeins from my own stash.


When yarn is in a ball or a cake the yarn is usually pulled from the center so the ball won’t roll around everywhere.

In my last post I said that real yarn does not come from a craft store. A hard core knitter like The Knitter would want the good stuff, he’d go to a specialty shop, a yarn shop. Yarn shops have the benefit of having luxury yarn and a higher quality knitting stuff in general. Not to mention it would a pretty cool secret base where his team of vigilante yarn bombers would have their meet ups.

As always don’t be afraid to shoot me a question! I will do my very best to answer. :)

Good luck! In my next post I’ll cover some cool stuff in the knitting world. 

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